Friday, March 28, 2008

Puppy Personal Ads

The puppies are four weeks old today (we're halfway home - woohoo!), and everyone is doing great. They're eating puppy food (which I must mix with water to make it mushy), walking well, playing like crazy and generally acting like little goofy puppies.

And even though they must still stay with me for another month, FIVE of them already have homes waiting on them. So now the goal is to place the other three girls and Mama Penny.

You can read all about Penny in one of the posts below. For the other three, they asked me to post their personal ads that they wrote about themselves. So here they are:


Single, black, white and tan female looking for companionship... Supposedly I'm the runt of the litter (ok, in all honesty, I'm MUCH smaller than everyone else), but don't let that fool you. I have just as much personality as any of the others. I love to eat, go for long walks and watch America's Next Top Model. I kind of look a little like a beagle, but since my dad's a deadbeat, there's really no way to tell exactly what my pedigree might be. I'm fearless and scrappy and ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me. Please consider bringing me home with you!


Hi! I'm Petunia, but you can call me Petey if you'd like. I am the girly-girl of the bunch. When everyone else is diving and swimming through their food, I am delicately and neatly munching away... I also love bubble baths and pearls, and I can't WAIT for the new Sex and the City movie - Charlotte is my favorite! Oh, and my foster mom told me to make sure and mention this: Apparently I can't hear very well (or at all, actually). It's no big deal to me at all, but just thought everyone should know. My foster mom says that it's no big deal either - in fact, because dogs learn visual cues easier than audible cues, deaf dogs learn their commands very easily. So I'd still make a great little dog! But mom says that she'll only let me go to someone who is dog-experienced and understands how important it will be to train me with sign language. Please take me into your heart and home...


Gosh, Petey - pearls? And bubble baths?? Oh, um, sorry - Hi... I'm Hazel, and I am NOT the girly-girl of the bunch. I'm more of a hiking in the woods, going for a run, taking in a baseball game kind of girl. And, oh gosh, I'm so embarrassed about this, but my foster mom is making me tell you this... she says I'm one of the smartest in the litter. Man! That is so embarrassing! I mean, it is true that I was the first to figure out how to escape our pen. And I was also one of the first to start walking, but I just don't like bragging about myself, ya know? So if you're looking for a sporty, fun, no-nonsense kind of dog then I'm your girl!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cute new dog beds from Pottery Barn

So you may know that Pottery Barn is a great source for furniture, bedding and home accessories... but have you seen the cute new dog beds they're offering for spring?

I just ordered the adorable navy polka dot bed above for my three dogs. They have all different colors, shapes and styles.

Clockwise from top: Pottery Barn's Organic Rectangular Dog Bed, Bolster Dog Bed, Sherpa Dog Bed

And for those of you who might want to splurge on your pooch, Pottery Barn also offers some furniture options. If I had the space for it, I would totally order this Dog Cubby. It might seem extravagant, but when you have three dogs like I do, you somehow end up with TONS of doggie "stuff," and this would be great to keep it all organized.

And finally - if you have a dog that likes to enjoy the great outdoors, you might want to buy them this for the summer... My dogs would probably think I was crazy, but if you have a pooch that likes the shade, they'd love this little doggie cabana:

Monday, March 24, 2008

First Meal

In order to get the puppies ready for real food, I gave them puppy formula to lap from a bowl this weekend. You can see from the video that they weren't sure whether they should drink it or swim in it! They started to get the hang of it, but one look at the "After" picture of Lulu tells you exactly how much of the formula they ended up wearing...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Please Adopt Penny!

Penny was rescued from Greenville County Animal Services 2 days before she was scheduled to be put to sleep. At that time, she was VERY pregnant and has since given birth to her seven beautiful puppies. Of course, everyone wants the puppies, but no one wants little Penny. Penny is a sweet, gentle dog about 2 years old who loves to play in the backyard with the other dogs. She’s had a rough time so far, but has bonded quickly with me and just loves to follow me around the house when she’s not watching over her puppies. She is housetrained and although she’s not currently crated due to the puppies, she would crate very well because her favorite spot is a small closet where she can curl up in the dark. She is fine with my cat, and absolutely loves the other dogs.

No one is quite sure what breeds make up this sweet girl – in fact, our best guess is a cross between a mouse and a giraffe... but she’s most likely some kind of Hound/Australian Cattle Dog mix. She’s a little shy at first (wouldn’t you be too if you’d been through everything she has?), but warms up quickly and is a very loving dog.

She’ll be ready to go to a new home at the beginning of May once her puppies are old enough to leave her, and will be up-to-date on shots and spayed prior to adoption. Please consider giving this little mom a good home.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lovable Lulu

Lulu was the first-born and she happens to be my favorite. She is so pretty (the camera doesn't do her justice) and has the sweetest, most laid-back temperament. She's the largest puppy in the bunch, but still hasn't opened her eyes or started walking.

In case you're wondering about the tape on her back legs... here's the story. Lulu was born with a slight hump in her back. At about 4 days old, the veterinarian took x-rays of her and discovered that she has two malformed vertebrae. She determined that at this point, Lulu is perfectly sound and the vertebrae are NOT affecting her mobility or spinal cord. Another great thing is that as she's grown, the hump has gotten smaller so that it is now barely noticeable. But as she's gotten older, it seems that her legs are a little weaker than the other pup's. The tape is an attempt to "hobble" her back legs so that they get strong enough to push her up so that she can walk.

I'll keep everyone posted on her progress, but if we can get her up and walking, she should be able to lead a perfectly normal doggie life!

Sweet Georgia

Georgia's nickname is "Lil' Pistol." She was the first one to open her eyes, and the first one to walk. She's constantly running wide-open. She is, by far, the most active puppy of the bunch. In fact, she is always attempting things that are just a little beyond her reach. For example, she's just started walking, but she gets going so fast that she'll just tumble over and start rolling. Her coordination isn't quite up to speed yet. She's also the most vocal of the bunch and will let you know if she's hungry or cold.

Hazel... the Little Bulldog

This is not the best picture of Hazel, but it's the best I could do considering the fact that she was absolutely intent on staying curled up asleep. I call her "Hoss" even though she's a girl because she is SOLID. She's not all that much bigger than everyone else in actual size, but she feels like a little brick. She also has the cutest little wrinkles up her snout. I'm very excited to see what she looks like as she gets older. She's started walking and her eyes are opening up as well.


Meet Ruby - also known as Ruby Sue - the runt of the litter. But whatever she lacks in size, she more than makes up for it in attitude. If she's not sleeping, she's moving. Even when she's nursing, she somehow manages to wiggle. It took me forever to get a picture of the little mouse because she wouldn't sit still. She's starting to walk (as you can see from her attempted escape below), and is already a little comedian.