Tuesday, March 3, 2009

happy birthday!

Over the weekend, the original seven Pecan Pie Puppies celebrated their FIRST BIRTHDAY! In their honor, I'm posting some of their puppy photos and a current photo and giving you an update on each.

Amos is doing well living with his parents in Columbia. He's a big, lanky goofball, and he loves to have a good time. He also has two feline sisters that keep him in line. And while he regularly drives his parents a little crazy with his... vocal nature... they love him to pieces.

Georgia has turned into a beautiful, healthy girl living near Rock Hill, SC. She still sees her sister Lulu from time to time because she was adopted by Lulu's mom's aunt (did ya get that?).

Major (previously Tillman) currently lives in Columbia with his dad. This dog is spoiled rotten and enjoys the good life. And I swear, if I hadn't seen Penny birth him myself, I would never believe he came from the same litter.

Little miss cutie-patootie Genevieve is living the fast-paced life in Washington, DC with her human mom and four-legged sister Tucker. She has the classic head-tilt of her birth mom down pat.

Sweet Lucy (previously Hazel) also lives near D.C. in Alexandria, VA. This little girl holds a special place in my heart because she was with me the longest. She needed surgery to correct her entropion before she moved on to her forever home. But now she's doing great with her new mom and dad!

Pretty girl Lulu lives with her mom in Columbia as well. I get a chance to see her from time to time and she is an absolute sweetheart. Looks like she has some Boxer in her somewhere...

And the little runt of the litter... Ruby Sue! She also lives in Columbia with her new family. She has learned to climb the ladder to her two-legged siblings' playhouse so she can spend more time with them!

I'm so grateful to all the wonderful people who opened their homes to these sweet dogs. It's wonderful to see them all doing so well and enjoying healthy, happy lives. Their mom, Penny, still lives with me (and is still available for adoption!) and is doing great as well.

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