Monday, April 20, 2009

please help fiona!

I'd like to introduce everyone to fun little Fiona! She's the most beautiful little dog... chocolate with eyes the color of butterscotch. She has the SWEETEST personality. I pulled her from Greenville County Animal Care Services where she was literally about 30 minutes from being euthanized and brought her home to Pecan Pie Puppies headquarters this past Thursday.

Last night, Fiona suddenly became quite sick - vomiting, lethargic, wouldn't eat or drink. At the vet this morning, my wonderful vet discovered an internal mass in her abdomen area. Her initial diagnosis is that something has gone wrong with Fiona's spay procedure, and that has caused internal infection and swelling. Fiona is headed into surgery now where Dr. Warren will be able to more accurately assess the situation. Unfortunately, this operation and the follow up care will be rather expensive, and so I'm searching for funds to help make little Fiona all better.

If you'd be willing to help Fiona, please click the "Donate" button below. No donation amount is too small and every dollar will be greatly appreciated. We'd also appreciate anyone taking the time to forward this on to everyone they know. She's a FANTASTIC little dog, and I hope to save her!


  1. I hope Fiona is ok. She's beautiful, and I'll be thinking about her. Thank you so much for all of the rescue work that you do!

  2. What a doll. I hope they can get her taken care of and she heals right up. Sending a little something via Paypal for her.