Wednesday, May 6, 2009

an open letter to my dogs

Dearest four-legged children,

No doubt you have noticed my recent hard work as I have toiled away in the backyard planting lots of lovely new green things around the patio area. The backyard, up until this point, has been entirely your domain. But recently, I decided to reclaim a small portion for myself.

I simply ask that you do not run through, tromp upon or dig up all of the lovely hydrangeas, hostas and foxglove I have so painstakingly planted. I have taken extra precautions to keep you away from these lovely new plants, so as long as you do not go out of your way to destroy them, everything should be just fine.

You all have complete control over 95% of my rather large backyard. There should be no need for you to stake your claim on the remaining bit I have tried to keep for myself.

I do not have high expectations... In fact, I expect that only a small percentage of plants will survive the month of May. But please take pity on me and allow them to live.

Your humble servant,

Penny after her mud bath (aka her attempt to dig up my more mature hydrangeas last summer...)

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  1. Just discovered your blog today from your etsy store. (Sweet collars, by the way--I plan to buy a few!!)

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.