Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sorry boys...

Nothing for you this time around. It's cold, dreary and my living room looks so bare and empty now that the tree is gone. So I was in the mood to make some pretty and colorful new flower collars to brighten things up.

My favorite one this time around is my new Spunky Bruiser collar above... my nickname for the one and only Matilda Rose. Isn't she adorable? If you think so, she can be all yours because she's available for adoption!

I've also been dying to make a new hydrangea collar in pink... and here it is... gingham is my new best friend. It's making a comeback people - it's not just for your Grandma's country curtains anymore. And I made the fun Purple Polka Dot collar on a whim, and it turned out so nice, I put it in the shop. As alway, you can find them all here.


  1. Oh! Those are so so pretty!


  2. So pretty! I'll definitely be placing another order soon! : )

  3. Oh Matilda Rose, I wish my town did not have a 3 dog limit...

  4. do you have the blue hyrangea felt flower with blue polka dot collar available in large??