Thursday, October 2, 2008

howloween round-up

Well, it's officially October... which means that Halloween is just around the corner. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday so I'm pretty picky when it comes to spooky items made just for Halloween, but I've put together a few puppy-related Halloween items that are pretty awesome. [Puppy Pumpkin Costume above is from Trixie and Peanut]

Cute Halloween greeting card featuring a devilish chocolate lab from Blomma...

A super stylish military jacket from Barker & Meowsky...

Polka dot bandana from Posh Puppies that could be worn year-round...

And in the event that you want your kid to dress up like a dog, check out this cutie pie costume from Celebrate Express.

But of course, I can't forget my own collar... now remember, I don't care for Halloween and all that garish orange and black. So I went a different direction with this orange and light turquoise fabric collar. Pretty cute, no? It's not available in my store yet, but if you're interested, just email me for more info.

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