Sunday, January 11, 2009

i heart emmylou harris

I have always been a HUGE fan of Emmylou Harris. She occupies about four or five playlists on my iPod that are on frequent rotation. She's just... awesome. And considering how much I love her music, it's rather shocking that I had no idea she has her own dog rescue.

I was flipping through my most recent issue of BARK Magazine when I came across an article about her rescue organization Bonaparte's Retreat:
Founded in 2004, the facility is named after one of Harris’s especially beloved dogs. “Bonaparte had this really friendly demeanor,” she says. “He was kind of a Poodle mix. Loved people, very sociable, loved other animals. I got this idea to take him on the road with me, and he was terrific. He loved the traveling, the bus, hotels, backstage. Of course, once you have the experience of having a dog on the road with you, you don’t realize how lonely you’ve been without one. So he went everywhere with me. He was my constant companion for 10 years.”
When Bonaparte died suddenly in 2002, Harris was devastated (for her most recent album, All I Intended to Be, she wrote “Not Enough,” a tribute to her traveling buddy). Not ready to think about replacing him, she channeled her love of animals into finding companions for others.
Click here to read the rest of the article about Emmylou's rescue efforts. Below is a video of Emmylou singing her song "Not Enough" that she wrote when she lost her dog Bonaparte.

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