Friday, October 15, 2010

holiday collars are here!

So it's in the the shop... the new 2010 Holiday Collection. I know it's early... but here's something I've learned since opening my store. I used to be one of those people who got really ticked when Target started putting out Christmas gear before Halloween had passed (and I still get apoplectic when I hear Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving). But now that I've been on this side of the retail situation, I realize that folks expect your Christmas stuff to be available this early. I get emails and inquiries that start in early October asking about my Christmas collars. So there you go. Christmas in October.

But I am really excited about this year's collection. I love Christmas, and it's always a lot of fun for me to plan and design my holiday collars. And now I can share it with you... take a gander...

I'm bringing back the poinsettia this year - but this time it's available in all three colors...

And there are a couple of bow tie options for the special man in your life...

And in addition to Mr. Santa up there, there's also a saucy little red bird and the tartan trio...


  1. YAY for Christmas collars! The last photo is my favorite!u

  2. How does the sizing on your collars work? What do you measure?

  3. i love your collars!! i was wondering if you would be able to make an all black bow tie one? let me know thinks!