Tuesday, October 5, 2010

keeping it simple

I love making my collars with the cute owls, watermelons and turkeys. They're lots of fun, but I confess... my favorite collars are always the ones with just simple blossoms or bow ties. And I LOVE my new plaid collars in the shop. Usually my dogs get the cast-offs that don't ever make it to the store, but these are so pretty that I'm going to make my crew a fresh batch of collars.

And can we talk about how much I love plaid? There's something so perfect about plaid, and I'm currently obsessed with it now that's it's getting a little cooler outside. I realized today though that I need to mix it up a little in the bow tie department... I only have one non-plaid bow tie collar in the shop. I'm going on the hunt for boy fabrics soon so I can remedy the problem.

You can find the new plaid collars in the shop here.

1 comment:

  1. Collars are very pretty. I LOVE the purple on purple.