Monday, September 29, 2008

i love calendars

I realize this might seem strange to most people, but I love calendars. There are so many fun and interesting ones out there, and this is the time of year when the new calendars are rolling out. Now, I'm not really referring to those big glossy wall calendars with pictures of puppies or kittens or half-naked women lying across the top of some muscle car. There are so many better options these days.

You can go to Etsy and simply search for "calendars" and you'll find an abundance of options. Or visit Kate's Paperie or Paper Source online to find some as well. I was doing just that earlier when this calendar from Modern Art Everyday caught my eye due to... what else? A dog.

So while this post isn't 100% dog-centric, I had to pass it along anyway because this calendar is fabulous! This 2009 edition is full of color, cool design and it's the perfect size to sit on your desk.

Check it out online at Modern Art Design along with tons of their other fantastic prints as well.

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