Wednesday, September 24, 2008

smiling labrador

I realized the other day that I'm constantly referencing my dogs in one way or another on my blog, but I've yet to take time to really introduce each one to my readers. So I thought I'd go one by one, oldest to youngest, to let you know all about the fabulous canines with whom I share my home.

First up is my six year old Labrador Retriever Sullivan (aka Sully). He was my very first dog and my only non-rescue. Please indulge me while I list off his many attributes: sweet, handsome, smart, gentle, eager to please and food-loving... He's what I would call an "easy" dog. He is zero trouble, does exactly what I ask and is just happy to see me whenever I come home.

He has a serious love of all things edible (typical lab) and if you can throw it, he'll retrieve it. He is drawn to bodies of water as if they have some kind of magical power over him... he loves the beach, lake, pool, puddles, anything... a great swimmer.

He can be a little shy of strangers, but has gotten much, much better through the years. But if you come to my house, expect to be greeted by his big, booming bark until you're properly introduced and pleasantries have been exchanged (i.e. you've slipped him something tasty as a bribe). He is definitely NOT an alpha dog, and is content to let all the others in the household have their way. He is so incredibly stoic about putting up with all my rescue craziness, and he simply accepts this way of life with a tail wag and a smile.

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  1. Your dog looks JUST like my Cooper. He was a rescue dog and is a lab mix. We think he has ridgeback in him. Do you know what your dog is mixed with? He doesnt look full lab.