Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Beginning

I began my original blog - Pecan Pie Puppies - as an ode to all things dog. And that worked out well for quite a while since I have lots of dogs and had no shortage of material. But I had a great deal of other things on my mind that I wanted to share, and so the gang and I have moved here to Five Dog Farm permanently.

My hope is to share not only my dogs and our adventures, but also my new foray into chicken-keeping, my passion for gardening and homekeeping, and whatever else tickles my fancy.

For those of you that have followed us from Pecan Pie Puppies (I hope there are some of you out there), I promise there will be many new posts about all things dog (and all of our old posts have moved here as well). But you'll have to put up with a little chicken in between. I look forward to sharing my adventures and stories with y'all, and hopefully some of what I offer will be helpful in some way. So onward we go... you can learn more about all my furry and winged beasts by clicking on the tabs up top. Thanks for reading!

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