Monday, October 8, 2012


It was an egg-citing weekend around here (oh, yes I did go there... I love cheesy puns). I got my very first egg from Pearl, my Australorp, about a week and a half ago. They're lovely brown eggs, and even though I was so excited to get my first egg, I've been dying to see an egg from my Easter Egger Georgina. I've had high hopes that she'd bless me with some blue or green eggs.

Well, Mabel the Salmon Faverolles started a few days ago (pretty off-white/pinkish eggs BTW), but still nothing from Georgie.

So when I visited the coop on Saturday afternoon and found the prettiest sage green egg sitting there, I squealed. Yes, that's right... squealed. Like a five year old. And then proceeded to text a picture of it to everyone I know. I'm going to have a high energy bill this month because every time I open the fridge to grab something, I just stand there and stare at my pretty collection of eggs.

The girls' eggs, from L to R: Pearl, Mabel and Georgina
But Pearl, not to be outdone, gave me a double-yolker later that day:

Both are Pearl's eggs... one from Friday and one from Saturday
I feel like I should write my girls a thank you note! I do tell them thank you every time I collect their eggs... they deserve it. And somehow, amidst all the excitement of the weekend, I did manage to get my fall garden planted:

I'm keeping it small scale since this is my first attempt at a fall/winter garden so I only planted one bed. I've got four different veggies seeded in there so here's hoping I'll see some green popping up soon.

And since the second bed was empty, I threw out a package of Chicken Salad Seed Mix from My Pet Chicken so the girls will have their own supply of green goodies as we head into Fall. 

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