Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Morning Farming...

Mornings are always a little hectic for me while I feed and care for five dogs, a cat, and six chickens. And run around and try to make myself presentable for work. And it doesn't help that I almost always oversleep. But I always try to take a few minutes to enjoy the morning and the animals as they start their day.

I've pulled out the tomato, eggplant, okra and bell peppers from summer and the raised beds are empty. Well, sort of. Right now, this is happening:

Apparently, I'm sprouting dogs. And yes, those are some pink plastic flamingos in the background because I'm cheeky like that.

I'm going to plant some cool weather crops this weekend, but I'm afraid I've waited a little too late. I've had a summer garden the last two years, but this will be my first attempt at a fall garden so there's definitely a learning curve. We'll see how it goes. But obviously I can't have spinach and lettuce sharing space with those two up there (or being munched on by the rabbits that wander by), so this will also be happening:

We've had some wonderful rain the past few days, but unfortunately, the Silkie girls don't fair so well when it's wet. See how tiny she is? This is Eloise, and she's full-grown. She may be small, but she has a BIG voice. And this is her rocker chick look from this morning:

Tallulah, my other Silkie was already in the nesting box when I opened the coop up for the girls at dawn. She left me an early morning gift. She lays very pretty, off-white but very pointy eggs.  

And this guy helped supervise the collection process:

The weather is starting to get cool around these parts, and all the creatures in my household (including me) are very happy about that. So Happy Friday everyone... hope you all have a great weekend and Go Tigers!


  1. I just love your blog banner and your chickens! How cute are the sprouting dogs too. Thank you so much for linking up to the blog hop today. I really enjoyed your post.~Melissa

    1. Melissa - Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the blog! I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and it's always one of my daily reads...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! She's a mess... I've never heard such a loud chicken :). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have two black labs/garden assistants that would do that exact thing given the chance! That photo gave me a great laugh and reminded me why I have a fence all around my garden area. I would trade them for the world though and look forward to reading about your puppies in the future!